ClickBank Contacts

Sending To 30 Million Daily
At great expense, we have compiled a responsive double opt-in list of 30 million ClickBank members and resellers and loaded them all into our massive database for you to advertise to. Plus, since the system is fully web-based, you can rest assured that when you send through our submitter, your ISP is safe and your ads are 100% spam-free. No other mailer can provide you with such an iron-clad safety net and no other company can match the sheer power and ease of use as a Global Ad Solutions mailer. At only $20 this is a MUST HAVE item.

Cash Cow System

We Send To 40 Million Daily!
This system not only gives you a free affiliate site but also gives you lifetime access to the most up to date technology available for sending your email advertisements. This innovative technology allows you to place your ads from the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a one time price of only $20. In 5 easy to follow steps you can add a subject line, a website address and an ad body to the simple to use submitter and reach up to 40 million fully double opt-in email addresses from Australia to Zimbabwe!

The Internet Marketing Jungle

Sending To 31 Million Daily
We have loaded this powerful double opt-in submission system with 31 Million verified leads and made it so that you could submit your ad copy through our servers and never concern yourself with a spam complaint because the system is fully CAN-SPAM compliant! Nothing could be easier! Earn by using our system to market whatever you like. you can earn by reselling our submitter to all of your online contacts. That's right! You get a free reseller site so you can earn generous commissions each time you share your reseller link with an associate and they become a member too.

Viral Marketing

We Send To 34 Million Daily!
We submit your ad immediately. Then, we place the subject line and the website address from your ad in a special database. Ads submitted by other members after you include 6 subject lines and website addresses drawn randomly from that database and placed in the foot of their ad. And the same goes for their ad as well, over and over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Members helping other members drive additional traffic to their opportunities 100% spam free and fully CAN-SPAM compliant! It's what we like to call viral marketing on steroids!

Penny Pincher

Awesome Submitter & Awesome Bonuses
This submitter was aptly name "Penny Pincher" because for only $16.95 you can have lifetime access to a database loaded with 18 Million fully double-opt in subscribers. Like all our other programs, you never need to worry about spam complaints because all ads originate from our servers. Safe, secure and effective. Then we're going to give you 10,000 free banner impressions and a Pro Membership in our viral traffic program, Traffic Pro and then to top it off we're going to give you a free reseller site where you can earn $8.95 per sale!

Triple Crown Marketing

Three Awesome Ad Submitters Only $20
Our Classified Ad submitter sends to 15 large networks, your ad will appear on over 10,000 classified pages. You'll never receive any return ads as all submissions are done from our servers. Our FFA submitter anonymously submits to 1200 FFA's without so much as a single spam email in return as all submissions are done from our servers. 100% safe and effective. Our double opt-in email submitter blasts your ad to a database of over 22 million people in just minutes. Our system is 100% opt-in so there's never ever a single spam complaint.

Rockin' Ads

100% Fully Automatic Hourly Submitter
Our new submission software is ROCKIN' and our members can send us their ad copy and then sit back while We RE-SUBMIT It Over And Over All Day Long. And we do it every hour without interruption, hands-free and automatically! This innovation is a major improvement in submission technology and means less work for our members with greater results. This is a one time payment and you'll never be billed again. Pay once and use the submitter as often as you like. Change your ad every day, twice a day or never. The choice is yours!

The 2011 YouTube Mailer

We Send To 46 Million Daily
For the first time ever you can target your audience by demographics such as age, gender or a combination of both. Want to target your audience by geography? Not a problem! We can pinpoint your audience by country, state or even zip code if so desired. How cool is that when you want to market a product locally? Have multiple programs you want to advertise? Not a problem because there is no sending limit on this submitter. Send as often as you like to the entire database of 46 million email addresses.

The 60 Minute Mailer

100% Fully Automatic Hourly Submitter
The name says it all; our new submission software allows our members to send us their ad copy and then sit back while We RE-SUBMIT It Over And Over All Day Long. And we do it every 60 minutes without interruption, hands-free and automatically! This innovation is a major improvement in submission technology and means less work for our members with greater results. If you value your free time or simply wish to Reduce Your Work Load and free yourself up for other things then you need a membership to 60 Minute Mailer.

The PayPal Promoter

1000's Of New Leads Added Daily!
We were the first and are still the best and The PayPal Promoter continues that tradition with a very important twist. We now have the ability to automatically add new leads to our database which means you'll always have fresh new leads to submit your ads to. We've loaded this submitter with 55 Million double opt-in leads and have priced it within the budget of even the most frugal marketer at only $27. All the leads are PayPal® members or Ebay® members with money to spend on your offers. Click the thumbnail to the left for more info.

AlertPay Marketing

Our List Grows By Over 1000 People Daily!
This simple to use system allows our members to submit their ad copy 100% free of spam complaints because all mail is sent directly from our servers to the mailing list. We never reveal your email address and no mail will ever clutter your inbox. This awesome system is designed to maximize your success with fresh new leads for you to market to daily. The one time payment of only $12.95 will give you unlimited access to the members area where you can submit as often as you wish to the database. Click the thumbnail to the right for more information.

The Craigslist Submitter

Sending To 39 MILLION Daily!
There is no limit to the number of times you can use this submitter. You can advertise all of your hottest offers as often as you like no matter the time of day or night. Plus, you'll have the ability to resell this program to all your friends and associates to earn commissions for every membership you sell. Reseller sites are free of charge and we even provide banners and ad copy for you to use in your campaigns. You only need to sell a couple copies and your membership is free. This sells for the incredibly low price of $17.95 and you'll never be billed again.

The Mega Profit Pack

75 Quality Ebooks & Software Titles!
The Mega Profit Pack is the biggest collection of quality ebooks and software available on the internet. All the products included in the package are bestselling titles that currently sell thousands of copies every day. The ebooks contained in the package were written by some of the most successful online entrepreneurs, that are currently earning thousands of dollars every month from their online businesses. They reveal the same secrets and techniques that they use to make six figure incomes every year.

The Twitter Resubmitter  

We Resubmit Your Ad HOURLY!
Now, for the first time you can use our service to send your ad copy to all of them! But it gets even better than that. Not only will we send your ad once but we will continue to send it every hour on your behalf without the need to log in and resubmit. If you'd like to be an affiliate we'll give you a reseller site. This is a deal too good to pass up. With just a couple of sales your membership is paid for because we give you a whopping commission on every sale. Join today for a one time fee of only $22.50 and you won't be disappointed, we guarantee it!

High Performance Email Marketing

We Send To 34 Million Daily!!
High Performance Email Marketing is our newest submitter with the freshest and Most Responsive Leads Available and we are offering it to you at the amazingly low introductory price of ONLY $18.99! We have loaded this submitter with 34 MILLION english speaking, PayPal verified, double opt-in leads and from the start you can rest assured your ads are reaching their intended audience. Finally, because we know how much you're going to love this opportunity, we are going to build you a reseller page just like this page at Absolutely NO Cost!!

The HotMailer

Lifetime Membership Only $20
We crammed our databases chock full of Hotmail addresses and verified them as double opt-in before we ever released the program. Once accessed, our simple to use system enables our members to log in and submit ads in a matter of seconds to millions of these double opt-in's worldwide. We have taken the guesswork out of ad submission and placed everything you need on one simple form so nothing could be less confusing. Rest assured that we do not spam Hotmail users or violate the terms of use of Hotmail. The price for this fantastic system is only $20 lifetime.

Yahoo Mega Mailer

We Send To 33 Million Daily
The Yahoo Mega Mailer has been loaded with 33 million Yahoo email addresses right out of the gate. We know you're going to love the program and since we offer all our customers the opportunity to resell the program you can earn money two ways. First, by sending your offers to our database and second, by reselling the program to friends and associates. And like most all of our systems, you can earn a colossal commission on every sale! Get your membership today and start making money right away!


Membership Only $20
Welcome to gMailXtreme, where you can send your ad copy to 20 million GMail users across the globe. Our totally new and innovative technology sends your ad to a massive database of fresh GMail leads without so much as a single spam complaint ever jeopardizing your email address. That's right! Every message comes from us but is loaded with your ad copy and sent directly and safely to the recipients inbox whether on their desktop, laptop or cellphone. This amazing new service is available immediately after months of research and development.

Auto Submit Hourly

We Blast Your Ads Hourly To 50 Million
We have tweaked our technology to allow you, the member, to submit your ad ONE TIME A DAY and yet we will send that ad out ALL DAY on the hour EVERY HOUR, in it's entirety to the database. That's what we call moving alot of information, your information, into the hands of people who will be intrested in purchasing YOUR products and services! What's more, we are charging a paltry $29 one time fee for this service and you can use it every day, lifetime! And we'll give you an affiliate site so you can earn big money for every membership you sell!


Over 20 Million Email Addresses
Why spend a fortune on advertising when you don't have to? Our powerful submission system is easy to use and priced right. For only $9.95 you can have members access today and start sending ads to millions of people worldwide! Our web based server allows members to blast over 20 million emails per day. All recipients are double opt-in making us 100% SPAM law compliant. Our recipient database is filled with prospects who have asked to be included in our safe-list, so you know your ad will reach real customers.